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Fine Silver Braided Wavy Cuff Bangle_1Fine Silver Braided Wavy Cuff Bangle_2Fine Silver Braided Wavy Cuff Bangle_3Fine Silver Braided Wavy Cuff Bangle_4
  • Cuff Bangle Features: Concave, Handcrafted
  • Color: Oxidized Aged Antiqued Appearance
  • Weight: 72 Grams
  • Care: Shine with a soft cotton silver polishing cloth. Keep away from perfumes, sprays, water, detergents and other liquids
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
  • Artisans: Karen Hill Tribe

Width: 67mm (2.6 inch)
Wrist Size: Adjustable
Material: 95%-99% Silver Purity



Minimum quantity is: 1
Minimum quantity is: 1
Price Per Cuff Bangle
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